The ‘Governance and Financial Landscape of Top European Football Clubs’ report covers a selection of clubs from the big-5 leagues. Clubs were included in the study if they participated in a Champions League final in any of the ten most recently completed seasons (from 2008/2009 to 2017/2018) or won the league in one of the big-5 countries in the season 2017/2018. The study covers 120 seasons (10 seasons x 12 clubs).

The present study focuses on a sample of 12 prominent clubs from the ‘big5’ leagues (4 x England, 3 x Spain, 2 x Germany, 2 x Italy, 1 x France) and provides some insight into their internal governance and financial landscape. The following pages cover club ownership, internal governance structures, the representation of clubs as stakeholders in international football bodies (an aspect of what we might call ‘systemic governance’), the relevance of revenues from UEFA club competitions and transfer market activity as well as their influence on the profitability of clubs.


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